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About scientific reviewing of articiles directed for the publication in the scientific magazin of Institute of Power Engineering of TUM «Problems of the Regional Energetics».

Copies of the artilces received by the editors at the beginning are examined by the editorial board to determine thier correspondence to the magazine profile and appointing of the reviewer. The reviewers are leading specialists for Moldova and abroad of the profile related to the articles content.

Our journal uses single-blind peer-review process.

For the edition of the article a mandatory condition is a presence of a motivated pozitive review from appointed reviewers, which is examined and approved on the editorial board meeting.

In case  the reviews are negative, motivated conclusion is being examined by the editorial board, which either confirms declining of publication of the artcile or sends the copy to another specialist for repeted independent review.

In case of presence of both positive and negative reviews editorial board sends the copy and received reviews into the comittee containing of the profile specialists to prepare a conculsion after which final decision is taken.

If the review contains essential objections and proposals to improve and correct the copy it is being sent to the authors.

Corrected variant of the article is returned to the reviewer to take a decision and prepare a motivated conclusion about the possibility to publish the paper. Decision about the publication of corrected paper or about sending it to additional review is taken by the editorial board.

In case the paper is declined the editors send to the author detailed explanation of the decline.

Paper approved for the publication is sent to editing and computer shaping. Final version of the article is being agreed with the author(s) to conifrm it or correct found inaccuracies. Essential changes of the content at this stage are not allowed.

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